Friday, April 27, 2012

Like paper.

So I'm really sorry about being one dimensional lately. Chickens Chickens Chickens. And not around. The chickens are out in their coop as of yesterday, and while I miss hearing them chirp and talk it's nice to not have my dining room look like a barnyard, for now, since I have 3 new babies coming first week in May. Because it's totally logical when you lose one chick to buy three more. I told Mike I needed to fill the gaping hole in my heart with more chickens, I might have pouted. Winner.

We went out to Santa Monica recently and had a blast, if you want to spy all my pictures you can check them on Twitter or Instagram : Only1KristenL You can see pictures of the girls in their new digs, Santa Monica and my stay at the super swanky Viceroy.

My yard is coming around, I replanted Iris's and Peonies from my childhood neighbors yard, and they are coming up gangbusters. I'm also inter planting edibles and perennials. I put in Rhubarb last week and hope it does well. I LOVE Rhubarb.

I have nothing funny to talk about. This is weird, nothing hilarious has happened to me lately and I'm not sure if that's good or bad.  I'm just kind of motoring along. Hopefully I'll walk face first into a glass door, or put my foot in my mouth in a really embarrassing kind of way so I can continue blogging.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hah! I let the chicks out of their cage today. Just set them on the ground next to the tub and let them walk around. They didn't do much except shit on the floor. I guess it's going to take some getting used to. They are getting really comical, they dive bomb each other on a regular basis and make the cutest noises. Like chicken speak for "SERIOUSLY?! Do you have ANYTHING better to do than jump on my back, I mean really"  and it makes me smile. Only another 2-3 weeks before they are outside for good, which makes me a little sad because I wont hear their cute peeping anymore, but happy I don't have to deal with the nuclear fall-out type dust that they make. That shit is THICK. Anyways, I'll end with a picture, obviously Codex is learning to perch.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sometimes I'm mean

So this past weekend I was in Natick, at the very fancy mall helping open a store for my company. We got there pretty early so parking spaces were really choice. At 7pm as I'm leaving after a packed day full of exhausting physical labor, I'm walking to my car and as soon as I step off the curb some dude in a Mercedes starts backing up to FOLLOW ME. At first I was like.. naw.. he probably just saw a space back there. But low and behold he backed up with me (like, creepily alone side me walking) And at first I'm thinking, cheap bastard if you don't want to walk, just go pay the money for valet service.  then, he gets to the road, backs up and continues to follow me to my parking space.

 I get in my car, and he puts on his flashes backing up traffic like woah. So I figure, I better get my facebooking and twittering done before I hit the road, and best to find the fastest route now before I leave. See, I wasn't budging until he left. I played all my DrawSomething games and set up my GPS, ate that apple I never got to and 20 minutes later he's still sitting there. SERIOUSLY?! you could have been in the mall and shopping by now. So this dude gets out of his car and knocks on my window. ON MY GODDAMNED WINDOW. So I put it down a pinch and he's all "you going to be long" and I'm thinking, you've already waited 20 minutes, whats another 10?! but I didn't I just said "yes" waited for them to leave and go follow some other person, and pulled out letting what looked like a minivan full of teenagers take my nice parking spot. Moral of the story... well there is none, I was just being an ass to an overly annoying parking spot vulcher.

Anyways, our little chicks aren't so little anymore. We lost one last week, and I ordered 3 more to fill the hole is my soul where my little Twink used to be. This morning I'm waking up, and I hear the chickens making some sounds that aren't normal. I figure they probably just knocked over their food or water so I get up and walk into the dining room to see Clara OUT OF THE CAGE, sitting on top of the screen. Must have just happened because she still looked in shock like "Oh damn,  I actually got out" and I was all, oh no you didn't! But first, let me take a picture with Instgram.. then I put her back in, and closed the gap around the light. haha.