Friday, July 27, 2012

What's Next?

So, wedding was a week ago tomorrow. It was amazing, I feel so blessed to have such amazing family and friends and to have so many "formally" added to that group! Finally being accepted as "part of the family" on Mike's dad's side was nice too!

Honestly, the day seemed perfect to Mike and I. The weather was beautiful, everyone was in great spirits, the ceremony was incredibly heartfelt and delivered with such passion, I didn't think I'd cry but when Jason (our officient) gave his homily I lost it. The flowers were AMAZING, Mike looked like a million bucks, the cake tasted amazing the food was amazing literally everything was amazing. Maybe I'm looking at it with rose colored glasses but I want to remember it as a flawless day.

The only thing I would change is having someone tell me "lift your head" or "look up!!" as I walked in and out of the ceremony! All the pictures from friends and family I've seen so far I've been staring at the ground.  So, pictures right? Let's get to that:
The Shoes

The Flowers, All done by Cobblestone Design Company in Concord NH. Seriously, I love flowers more than anything and they went ABOVE and BEYOND with these. I don't have a picture of my tall arrangements, but when I do, I'll share them! 
The Rings, Almost didn't have a ring, but that's another blog post ALL TOGETHER! 

Me and My Dad, and Me and Mike. My dress was amazing!! 

And then the honeymoon, which consisted of lots of beaching and board gaming! Serious fun for us.All in all I'm trilled to be married to my best friend. We've had a lot of time to enjoy each other this past week, and the talk of babies is thick around us! BUT we've both decided for my health and well being, and the well being of our prospective children we're not trying until I lose about 45lbs. So, if you want to see any Page children anytime soon, slap the pizza out of my hands!

Mike and I were laying in bed talking and he mentioned it didn't feel much different, like not much had changed.  But I don't feel the same, I feel like things have shifted and there is no longer a focus on he or I but "us" a collective whole. Also, I have a whole new identity. Kristen Page. No longer the only Kristen Lehouiller but Kristen Page. Michael Page III's WIFE. Mrs. MP3! And it feels wonderful, I'm proud to be his wife. 

So, onto the next chapter, and if you follow my Pinterest you'll notice the next chapter will include Yellow, grey and ELEPHANTS! So, after I get through the shock of painting the kitchen (yes, the latter part of our honeymoon has included painting the ENTIRE kitchen, cabinets walls and all!) and don't remember why I HATE painting, I'm going to try to paint a chevron pattern on our spare bedroom wall. 

<3 Kristen Page