Thursday, March 29, 2012

A true "fan girl" moment

So today was a pretty cool fan moment for me. As some of you may know, my New Years resolution is to get Wil Wheaton to retweet (Jesus spell check, retweet a WORD now, enough with the red squiggles) me because he genuinely liked something I said in reply to him.  And it would have to be in reply, because lets me honest @wilw doesn't follow @Only1KristenL (that would be just a bit to much for me, I'd feel required to tweet witty/funny/smart stuff!)

So anyways, Felicia Day who just seems so super cool to me so I follow her tweeted about song birds and how she'd like one to perch on her finger (I totally get that, I think it's Disney's fault for setting up that unreal expectation) and among the comments about poop she also got my picture of my new chick Codex (who is almost 10 days old now!!) Not only did she respond, but she FAVORITED my tweet too!

And really, how could you NOT favorite that little face. I named her Codex because almost my entire flock is named after Characters in The Guild and she's a redhead (Red Sex Link) and she's sweet and really doesn't want to be held, but she'll tolerate it because she's not one to put up a big fuss.  

So you're probably wondering why Wil Wheaton came up in all of this right? Well, Felicia wanted to use my tweet and pic in an upcoming episode of The Flog on her YouTube channel Geek & Sundry  (SERIOUSLY!?) and since my rooster is named after Wil's character on the guild (Fawkes) and he's got this nifty new show called TableTop (all about table top gaming!) on that same channel I figure I'm in the 6 degrees of internet separation from him now, and a smidge closer to my goal. Because maybe he'll think it's endearing I named my rooster after him. Or... maybe he'll worry that I've got a signed picture of him with candles and a lock of hair in my closet, but that would be crazy.. silly even. 

Anyways, I'm rambling. I planned on making a post about when I passed out in the bathtub at Cassie's Batchelorette party, but that will have to wait until another day. Until then, follow me on Twitter (@Only1KristenL) and leave a comment here to let me know you stopped by! 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Just real quick.

There is nothing more soothing than little baby chicks. The way they peep and scratch. And then, at night when you sneak up to their tub and they are all fast asleep and it looks like the aftermath of a college frat party. Or how they literally fall asleep in the middle of eating.  But I just wish they weren't so damned scared of me, don't they know how much I love them?! That I want to hold them and nurture them and name them cute things like Codex and Fawkes? I promise I wont go all Grapes of Wrath on you. Promise, just stop falling over yourselves when you see me.

That said, they aren't all named, so why don't you help? I've got two female "slipper chickens" they will be brownish/tan with feathered feet. Here's what one looks like now:
Someone already suggested Frodo, and I thought that was awful clever but it's a girl so.... Name away! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh the facets of a girl like me.

So, I've never really been able to fit into any mold. EVER. And the older I get the more true it becomes. I love fashion, and Harley's and farming, folk music and Slayer. I've got a inner geek that's being cultivated as we speak. I play WoW and if I could handle duel joysticks I'd probably play Xbox.

 Let's take today, On my way home from work I couldn't wait to see my little Chicky-Choos and tell Mike I'd named them all after characters in "The Guild" Mostly from Axis of Evil. But, then he texted me my bike was running. So I took Diamond for a little spin! Then, as I settle into my chair he plays a Kotaku preview of the Mists of Pandaria on WoW. And I totally geeked out that you could be a RED PANDA (but only if you're a chick)

All my life I'd had a friend that thought I was always trying to "fit in" when I got interested in something new, but what they didn't realize is I've picked up all this info and knowledge of so many different things it makes me an incredibly well rounded person, and not shallow at all (Like trying to "fit in" suggests)

And then we could talk about all the stuff I've done for work, but that's a whole other blog post!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to the family!

So, I'm furiously happy for all the women in my life that are pregnant. And I'm literally surrounded! A lot of our friends are expecting new bundles of joy and june-oct will be an amazing time of new babies! That said it's made me a little crazy. Baby crazy. I'm 29 and my biological clock is clanging like it's about to break if I don't get knocked up NOW.  So, while working in my garden yesterday I got an idea, If I want babies I can just go get them... So, welcome to the Page/Lehouiller house our newest editions.
Take THAT baby fever. Instant gratification, no waiting 9 months and I can eat them later on down the road if they make me angry. But in all reality I'll probably love them more than is reasonable, coddle them and any given summer day you'll see me out in the yard being trailed by a bunch of chickens like the piper with all his rats. So, birth announcements be damned, making my own! 

Friday, March 16, 2012

You missed me, didn't you?

So it's been about a month since my last post, sorry about that! I'd like to say I was super busy doing important stuff but really, I just started playing WoW again!  But spring is coming, and I'm going to put us in the poor house buying hydrangeas and these awesome Spicy Cajun Louisiana Iris's ! This Sunday is supposed to be 70 and my only plan is to be outside in the yard. Our front porch needs to be painted and lots of things need to be cleaned up. Now that we own a house, I really want it to look nice!!

I had some wedding "dreams" last night, more like nightmares! It was the day of our wedding and I didn't want to get out of bed. Wasn't cause I didn't want to get married, I was just tired. And when I did get out of bed the hair dresser wouldn't let me take a shower, and I hadn't shaved! And when All my bridesmaids showed up they didn't have any dresses so we're at some back woods hick dress barn trying to find SOMETHING - ANYTHING for them to wear, and all I do is ...

Okay.. seriously. There is the biggest spider crawling across my floor right now. Maybe I'm not so excited about spring? But, expect rain tomorrow that lil' guy got the bad end of a kleenex box.

So anyways, We're at this bridal shop trying to find my girls something to wear that matches and the only color we can find is this yellow the color of highway safety vests. So next thing you know we've got a bathtub full of red wine (Seriously, WTF?!) and we're "dying" them what we think will turn pink. So it turns out okay, and we're having our ceremony (BTW, Mike wasn't in this dream seriously I remember a lot, but never a single dude in the dream) and it starts to pour and all the red wine is running off the dresses, and I'm having a fit because NOW they look ruined. Like seriously, they weren't ruined before.

Anyways, wedding planning is all done! The only thing we need to figure out are favors and seating cards. So I promise I'll stop more than once a month and blog.