Saturday, February 18, 2012

I refuse to Apologize.

I can't count how many times other women have made snide comments because I always knew what I wanted for my wedding. Because I've been thinking about the day I get married since I was a little girl. It's something I've dreamed about and look forward to very much. And they put me down like I'm not keeping up my end of the feminist bargain.

I remember cutting up the Sear's and JC Penny's catalogs piecing together my "life" I'd have a page for what my house would look like, how I would decorate the rooms and I would cut out 2D husbands from the men's section and glue them next to the perfect wedding dress clad model. I had this romantic vision of adulthood, where I would just fall into the career I chose, meet the man of my dreams get a house and a dog and pump out a perfect boy and girl to boot. Oh, and I had a pink convertible. 

I grew up in a house with parents who truly loved each other. And they raised my sister's and I to be strong, independent women, capable of anything we put our minds to. But they didn't raise us to think we were to strong to be loved, to independent to think we didn't need men in our lives. But rather showed us what a strong loving bond is between two people. That true love was always putting your partner first, and always doing the things that made them smile. And they didn't sugar coat it, they always told us a marriage was hard work, it didn't come easy and it was something you had to put your heart and soul into, and not give up even in the hardest of times. That you would always have each other to lean on.

So I wont apologize for fact that I've looked forward to July 21st 2012 for my entire life.  I wont apologize for wanting all the pomp and circumstance. The flowers, the music, the dress and all our family and friends with us as we move forward into life together. And the next woman that makes some offhanded bitchy comment about me knowing what I want is going to get slapped.

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