Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jesus, is that you?

I got my eyes Dilated today. Never done that before! I'm almost thirty and still having "firsts". I was unaware of just how badly it would effect my vision though, since you know, they do it in a nice dim lit room. So as I'm sitting there for the 15 minutes it takes to dilate my eyes and the doctor is out of the room, I fell asleep. Don't judge me.

So I jolt awake because WTH someone's coming into my bedroom... oh no I'm in a Dr's office. Oh shit, I just fell asleep at the doctors office! I'm pretty sure I was snoring, and maybe had drooled a little too but I managed to hide all this in milliseconds. But then.. Everything is fuzzy and shit my head is pounding.

Needless to say, take the ugly disposable sunglasses they give you. I told them I had my prescription ones in the car (Oops, I lied their at home) and walked out into the daylight .. I must have looked funny stumbling to my car one eye squinted shut, the other barely open. And the drive home was equally as ... interesting. NAPTIME.

My vision was so blurry up close I couldn't read text messages on my phone. I kind of wish I'd gotten a picture of myself with those big dilated pupils so scare my future children. "Mommy used to do drugs, don't make her mad, go mop the floor" Shiniest. Floors. Ever.


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