Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Welcome to the family!

So, I'm furiously happy for all the women in my life that are pregnant. And I'm literally surrounded! A lot of our friends are expecting new bundles of joy and june-oct will be an amazing time of new babies! That said it's made me a little crazy. Baby crazy. I'm 29 and my biological clock is clanging like it's about to break if I don't get knocked up NOW.  So, while working in my garden yesterday I got an idea, If I want babies I can just go get them... So, welcome to the Page/Lehouiller house our newest editions.
Take THAT baby fever. Instant gratification, no waiting 9 months and I can eat them later on down the road if they make me angry. But in all reality I'll probably love them more than is reasonable, coddle them and any given summer day you'll see me out in the yard being trailed by a bunch of chickens like the piper with all his rats. So, birth announcements be damned, making my own! 

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