Monday, January 16, 2012

I Can't Function Without my PINS!

So, not weight loss related. But wedding related. My Fiance Mike and I are getting married July 21st 2012 and while we've got almost EVERYTHING done, the florist is eluding me. I've got my heart set on Cobblestone Design Company out of Concord. Originally they wouldn't deliver my flowers unless I got 3000$ worth of flowers for the wedding. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of flowers... Like, they would make my damned dress out of flowers at that price (maybe not really, but Jesus!)

So I've been looking around at other florists, and I can't for the life of me find one I trust to carry out my floral vision, other than Cobblestone. (Wondering what my Floral Vision is? Check out my Pinterest) Their work is second to none, they just have that something extra you don't get elsewhere and you can't describe. They did the flowers for my sister's wedding on a shoestring budget because she'd lost her 500$ deposit to a florist that closed. But honestly, they looked like she'd spend thousands on them.

The KILLER news?! COBBLESTONE WILL DELIVER! I called them this morning and BEGGED them, and while I will be paying a delivery fee (which I'm totally ok with) I'll have the flowers I want! The flowers I've dreamed of since I was like five. 

BTW, that's me at a size 16, right after I stopped working on the farm. That's my goal again, if not thinner. That's the size I bought my wedding dress at, and where I need to get to by July. I have all the confidence in the world I can do it. And this is where I am now, this picture was taken in October. 

I've talked about it before on here, but I hate having my picture taken now. I actually refuse, which if you've known me for any length of time you'll know I used to LOVE having my picture taken. The weight I've gained has taken quite a toll on my life, and I'm done. I really want to change how we eat and relate to food in our house not just for myself, but for our future children. High School was HELL because I was heavy and I want better for my children. 

So to my friends and family who read this Blog (which is way more than I realized because I guess, I'm funny sometimes) I challenge you to do something active next time we get together. Let's go sledding, or for a walk around town with a hot tea. Swimming, hiking, let's play baseball at the park or play some mini golf. It starts by not making social activities based around food, because if you invite Mike and I to dinner in the next few months, I'll probably decline (unless it's at your house, and we're cooking something healthy) because I'm serious about changing the way we do things. 

Alright, now I'm out to do some yoga and Wii fit, bitchez. 


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