Sunday, January 8, 2012

The inner ravings of a fat girls mind.

It goes something like this.. Walk out of work.. Mmm I'm thirsty I've got that water in the car. But I want something else, Diet Soda, Mcdonalds here I come! Wait, Stop!!! Just walk to the car, seriously just turn around NO you're not hungry at all, you just had lunch two hours ago. Jesus Kristen just order a soda GODDAMMIT now you've done it, an entire meal, really? Just toss it in the trash when you walk around the corner, common... throw it out! Don't worry about the money, think of the medical bills. . .  15minutes later it's like laying in bed with a hooker smoking a cigarette, and she wants to cuddle.  You should have listened to that voice in your head that said "this probably isn't a good idea" because it sounded something like you're mother mixed with one of those preachy republicans.

So now that I've aired my dirty laundry I had success today. I come from a family of enablers, especially when it comes to food, they like to enable you to make those bad choices. And lord oh lord when it's time for a family get together watch out, nobody is bringing something healthy. So I did, I made homemade pita chips and bruschetta, and I set it among lasagna, 5 different types of meat/cheese dips brownies with fudge on top (seriously mom!) and a host of other items. And I ate barely any of it. I had some of the Mac and Cheese made with low carb pasta, and of course my bruschetta but overall did really well at not over eating and refusing to take my allotted 3 pieces of chocolate from the 40LBS Whitman Sampler. So we will call today a success, and start tomorrow by leaving my money at home so walking to McDonald's isn't an option.  

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  1. Its not easy but it will get better. I still have my moments of needing/wanting a soda, chocolate...anything bad. Its ok to give in....once in awhile.