Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new chapter

First off, this is for me. It's not for the world at large but a place for me to put my thoughts into the ether.

I started a weight loss competition today and am partnered with my MOH's husband. We both have very important reasons we want to loose a lot of weight. His is health, mine is vanity. So shoot me, all I really care about is looking good in my wedding dress in 7 months! The health benefits will be a kicker, but really.. I want to be "sit down pretty" at my wedding. Yeah, so pretty, they dudes will have to TAKE A SEAT.

Anyways, today was a success and a failure. I ate GREAT up until my drive home from work. But that ever persistent jezibel Wendy's sucked me it. I'm trying to figure out the trigger, what prompts me to want a juicy burger rather than healthy food? Today, I did really well, I'd only eaten about 2/3 of my calories and was looking forward to a sensible dinner but I literally couldn't stop myself from pulling into the drive through.

I rationalized that I was hungry and needed to eat, so I'll get a salad since there wasn't much healthy to eat at home. Then I started to think about a burger, I put it into my calories calculator and it fit into my day ... IF I RAN WHILE EATING IT. So anyways, drunk on willpower I pull in. "I'll have a number one, no tomatoes small with a diet coke" SHIT. SALAD. I was supposed to get a salad. So I pay, get my food and head on my way. Ok Kristen, only eat half the burger and don't EVEN look at those fries. Now I'm home, I ate it all and I want to vomit.

Tomorrow is a new day right?



  1. One day at a time. Don't beat yourself up we'll all get there... welcome to the community :-D

  2. "sit down pretty" never heard it before... pretty fucking awesome... rock it out girl.