Friday, January 27, 2012

What about a cheese and crapper platter?

Cassie and I went up to The Common Man Inn & Spa to meet with the event coordinator and have a "Girls Night" Thursday into Friday and man, I love that girl. It's really wonderful to have people in your life that are grounded, organized and in charge! She's helped so much with EVERYTHING. I picked the best MOH a girl could ask for.

 Apparently it's hilarious when I get tongue tied. Which happened more than once yesterday as I was trying to explain my "vision" for our wedding, and what it would encompass. Thank God Cassie corrected me when I requested a "Cheese and Crapper" platter for the cocktail hour :-X I doubt my guests would have appreciated that.

So we had a fantastic dinner, relaxed and went to bed early (while watching the GoP debate) because we're awesome like that. This morning I slept in, she was a good girl and went to the work out room. Then we had a little pampering, she had her nails done, and I had my wedding test hair done! I love all things vintage and classy, so I want a really classic look. So here's the test hair:

I can't decide if I'll keep the length of my hair curled like it is all swept to the side, or maybe wear it straighter, with a big uniform curl at the end. Opinions? That huge barrel curl is staying though, so hot!

So, this is Love: Mike and I are on our new couch together, this thing is HUGE! We can spoon on it. So naturally we're sitting on our own ends, and somehow he tickles me with his toes (his feet are huge, his toes are as long as fingers!) I screech and giggle, so obviously it eggs him on to tickle me more. And somehow I get my feet near his face and grab his beard with my toes, and we're completely intertwined in a hilarious stand off, because if he tickles me, i'll pull his beard WITH MY TOES and vice versa. And we're totally being complete goofs, I'm laughing so hard I'm crying. That's our love, and I couldn't ask for anything more perfect.

P.S. Doods, grow beards they are HOT.

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  1. I'll have some cheese please... hold the crapper... ;-) luv ya gal!