Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life will kick you.

And life doesn't start when the kicks stop, life IS the kicks and how you deal with them. I'm trying to grasp and be in harmony with this concept although, it is incredibly tough sometimes, today especially.

I have to start by saying I'm lucky. Mike and I are blessed to have the means to live the "American Dream" as we march to the alter and beyond (Babies, future, commitment babies future commitment BABIES FUTURE COMMITMENT) I have a family and friends that are second to none and, I work with an incredible group of women who make things like inventory night, amazing and fun.

Here's the quick and dirty.. got home, relaxed. Went to shower no hot water. Checked the heat and yes, it was colder in the house than usual, huh. So I put all my cloths back on, slipped into my pink fuzzy slippers and ventured into the basement (EEK!) to discover the oil tank is down to 1/8th of a tank and the boiler isn't turning on when it should. Sweet, awesome! And we were just thinking we might get a week where we could put some money back into savings or for the wedding. WRONG.

So thanks life, I had to take the day off to wait around for the heating guy in a cold house on no sleep, because who can sleep with the "OMG we need to buy oil we hadn't budgeted for and our heat doesn't work and the basement is going to flood and and and and... MOLD!" thoughts galloping through their head. Whatever, I'm heading to XYZ home improvement store to buy plastic for the windows to help with heat loss, and just tossing this up to life.

BTW! Nothing works better to heat up a cold body than a 24 minute workout with Jillian Michaels.

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